Wagons West RV Park
801 W Limberlost Dr.
Tucson, AZ 85705
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Rules & Regulations
Wagons West RV Park
801 West Limberlost Dr
Tucson, AZ 85705
November 2015

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Rules & Regulations
Wagons West RV Park

801 West Limberlost Drive
Tucson, AZ 85705

February 2018

Revised Rules and Regulations
This revision supersedes all previous issues.
Table of Contents
For Definitions Refer to Bylaws, Article 1, Definitions

Page 3    Member Participation
                 Member Notification
                 Sale and Transfer of Membership
                Annual Carrying Charges
                Electric Bills

Page 4    Park Conduct
               Pets and Animals
               Vehicle Washing and Repair
                 Garbage Collection

Page 5   Recycling 
                Personal Mail within Park
                Patio Sales
                Shuffleboard and Billiard Room

Page 6    Swimming and Hydrotherapy pools
                Recreation Hall
                Parking Regulations

Page 7   Residents, Visitors, Tenants and Guests
               Renter of Park-Owned Property
               Tenant of Member-Owned Property

Page 8    Types of Living Quarters Permitted on Wagons West Spaces
                Guidelines for Placement on Site 
                Construction, Additions, and Changes

Page 9    Air Conditioning and Heating
                Satellite Dishes and Broadband Antennas
                 Solicitation and Fund Raising

Page 10Common Area (a.k.a. North Forty) - Seasonal Parking Oct 1 – May 30
               Wagons West Unit Codes and Inspection

Page 11Intent
              Notice and Order
              Unsafe – General; Unsafe Structures

Page 12  Unsafe Equipment
                Structures Unfit for Human Occupation
Pursuant to Article IV, Section 4.14 of the Bylaws for the Association, as amended, the Board of Directors has adopted the following Rules and Regulations for the management and control of the Park. Your cooperation and compliance are requested and expected.

Wagons West Adult Travel Trailer Association has allowed membership in the Association through a Cooperative Corporation Agreement (CCA) to mature and senior individuals who have no children living with them within the Park, CCA, Article II, Sect. C. It was and is the intent of the Association to allow children and guests to visit members on an intermittent basis. Wagons West is operated with seasonal activities.

MEMBER PARTICIPATION: Wagons West Adult Travel Trailer Association is member-owned and operated and is known as “The Little Park with a Big Heart”. The Members live, work, relax, and play together in a spirit of cooperation and friendliness. Each Member is expected to participate in the social and recreational activities provided by the Park. In addition to the privileges held by each Member, the Association expects that all Members will share in the successful operation and management of the Association as a volunteer by serving on committees, running for elective office and having a 100% voting record. Some of the decisions that apply to the operation and management of the Park require the approval of two-thirds of the Members eligible to vote. See Bylaws, Article IV, Section 4.8

MEMBER NOTIFICATION: Members are notified of any changes to the Rules and Regulations or Bylaws. Member will receive notification in their Wagons West mailbox, through the US Postal Service or via email with email being the preferred method.

SALE AND TRANSFER OF MEMBERSHIP: Bylaws, Article VIII regulates the transfer of Membership Certificates. Pre-approved members may purchase a unit/lot. One “For Sale” sign, not to exceed 24” x 24”, may be posted in the window of the unit or posted on the space. “For Sale” listings will be posted in the Recreation Hall glass case, placed on the “Park For Sale” listing pages found in the Office, and posted on the Wagons West Website. Effective April 2012, an Inspection Certificate must accompany the “For Sale” documentation.

ANNUAL CARRYING CHARGE: The annual carrying charge for each Member’s share is paid in U.S. funds, and is due in full on October 1 of each year, which is the start of the Association’s fiscal year. The carrying charge is based upon occupancy of not more than two (2) persons per space, which can be two Members or one Member and a resident companion. Late payment penalties will be assessed if payment is not paid by the due date. The amount of the late charge will be shown on the invoice provided for the annual carrying charge.  
ELECTRICITY BILL: Electric meters are read once a month. The Association will send an invoice to the Member, and it is the Member’s responsibility to pay the invoice by the due date, in US funds on a US bank or US currency. A late payment penalty will be assessed against the Member in the amount reflected on the invoice. 
All members, who are more than 3 months delinquent in the payment of their electricity bills and/or annual carrying charges, will have the electrical service and/or water services to their unit terminated. The Association will provide written notice to the member that electrical service and/or water service will be discontinued after the expiration of ten days from the date of the letter. If the electricity bills and/or annual carrying charges due to the Association are paid, or the Member makes satisfactory arrangements for the payment of such amounts, during the ten-day period, no action will be taken by the Board.
  A licensed electrician and/or plumber will be hired by the Association to take necessary action to terminate the electrical and/or water service to the unit and the costs charged by the electrician and/or plumber will be added to the delinquent Member’s account with the Association. Electrical and water service to the Unit will only be reestablished when the account is brought current, or when payment arrangements are made that are satisfactory with the Board of Directors. All costs of reestablishing electrical service and/or reconnecting water service to the Unit will be the responsibility of the Member and will have to be paid prior to reconnecting the electricity and/or water.

PARK CONDUCT: Property of the Association (tables, chairs, etc.) may not be removed from the Recreation Hall or area without signed approval of the Manager. The truck belonging to the Park may only be driven by those authorized under the Association’s insurance policy. A Park utility trailer can be signed out for use through the Office.  
  At all times, each Member must keep the exterior of his/her trailer space neat and orderly as defined in the By-laws. If the space is not maintained, the Manager will arrange for maintenance. The cost will be billed to the Member and be payable as stated on the invoice. 
  The maximum speed limit of 10 MPH applies to the entire Park for motorized vehicles and bicycles. Residents that are backing out of their car port have the RIGHT of WAY over vehicles going down the streets, as people backing out cannot see cars, bicycles or walkers in the street. Everyone must use caution for the safety of pedestrians and bicyclists. Each Member must notify his/her guests and all delivery and servicepersons of the speed limit.
  Park “quiet time” is between 10 PM and 7 AM. Excessively loud noise must be avoided at all times.

PETS AND ANIMALS: No pets are allowed in the Park. Placing food and water outdoors for animals is prohibited.  

VEHICLE WASHING OR REPAIR: Washing vehicles is limited to using water in a bucket and a control nozzle on a hose. Anyone wishing to do more extensive car washing must use a commercial car washing facility.  
  Permanently or seasonally parked units may be washed and rinsed with a hose. RVs parked on a space for the winter season and used as living facilities during the time the Member is in residence may be washed or rinsed with a hose with a control nozzle.  
  Major repair work on vehicles, trailers, or RVs of any nature within the Park is strictly prohibited. Used motor oil cannot be dumped anywhere in the Park or on any property adjacent to the Park, including depositing it into the sewer system, trash dumpsters or burying it in the ground. Most service stations will accept used oil for disposal.

GARBAGE COLLECTION: Plastic bags must be used for all household trash/garbage. Carefully seal the bag to prevent spillage. Household batteries can be put in the garbage dumpster but if it is a 9 volt please put tape across the terminal end.

DO NOT flatten plastic containers or bottles. Please break down your boxes before putting them into the recycle dumpster. If you cannot break down your box, leave it to the side of the dumpster and someone will break it down for you.  
Packing peanuts can be deposited in the large, black, plastic garbage bin in the Recreation Hall or just outside the southeast door by the drinking fountain.  
Packing material brought into the park by a contractor or delivery person, must be removed from the park by them.  
Please obey current recycling guidelines posted by the recycle dumpster. 
The ONLY plastic bag that can be put in the recycle dumpster is a bag containing shredded paper from a shredder.  

SMOKING: Arizona law prohibits smoking inside any public building or within 20 feet of any entrance where smoke could drift into the building. This also applies to the outside patios and shuffleboard areas. 

 MAIL: Mail is delivered to registered residents in the Park Office daily except on Saturday, Sunday, and legal holidays. All residents must provide the space number to those, who will be sending mail to Wagons West, or when having their mail forwarded by the post office.

PERSONAL MAIL WITHIN THE PARK: No personal mail can be placed in the Association’s official mailboxes. A place is provided for leaving “inside the park personal mail”. It is located outside the office door in the Recreation Hall. 

TELEPHONE: A courtesy telephone is located on the north porch of the Recreation Hall. Residents and guests may use the phone for local calls, at no charge. All long distance calls require a prepaid calling card. Messages for a resident may be taken on the office phone, and the message will be placed in the resident’s mailbox. The office is not responsible for locating people who receive calls at the office, except in an emergency.  

PATIO SALES: Patio sales can only be approved by the Board of Directors.

SHUFFLEBOARD AND BILLIARD ROOM: Anyone who is not familiar with the rules pertaining to these games must be accompanied by someone familiar with the use of the equipment to avoid possible misuse. Only players are allowed on the shuffleboard court. Do not walk across the shuffleboard courts. No one under 18 years of age may use the billiard tables.

LAUNDRY: The laundry room is open from 6 AM to 10 PM. Directions for operating the washers and dryers are posted in the laundry room. The laundry room is solely for the use of the residents and guests.
Clothing in the dryers and clothing hung on drying lines must be removed when dry. Laundry must be hung out only in the enclosed drying area. Never dry clothes on unit spaces. Wet bathing suits and beach towels may be hung on unit space ins an unobtrusive location.
The pool area is open during the posted hours.  
Only Members, guests, tenants and renters may use the pools on a daily basis. Visitors may use the pools on an occasional basis when accompanied by the Member they are visiting. Abuses of this privilege may result in suspension of the Member’s pool privileges. 
ALL children (ages 0-18) using park facilities may swim ONLY under the direct and visual supervision of a Member, at all times. Children still in diapers must wear diapers specifically manufactured for use in swimming pools. No children may swim between 6 AM and 10 AM. 
A cleansing shower for the removal of suntan lotion is required before entering the pools to maintain pool sanitation; merely getting wet in the shower does not comply with the rule. Soap residue in swimsuits is harmful to pool equipment.
Bathers with long hair must wear a cap or bind their hair. All hairpins, decorations and rollers must be removed as they can cause damage to the pool and clog the pool filters.
The Health Department regulates hydrotherapy pool usage to those 18 years old and over. 
No food or drink is permitted on the pool decks, but it may be consumed in the adjacent areas.  
Alcoholic beverages, glass containers for food and beverages are prohibited, except during approved group activities.
Wet swimsuits are not allowed in the Recreation Hall, Billiard Room or Card Room.

RECREATION HALL: Unless prior arrangements have been made with the Manager, the Recreation Hall is closed and locked from 10 PM until 6 AM. Summer hours may differ. The Recreation Hall is for the use of all members and guests in the Park and may be used by individuals or small groups with prior arrangement with the Manager. Such persons are responsible for any cleanup required because of their use. Use of the large kitchen is not included without prior arrangements. A $50.00 refundable cleaning deposit will be charged. The Association may require that a “use form” be signed prior to allowing Recreational Hall use. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted in the Recreation Hall except during approved group activities, which must be coordinated with the Manager.  

PARKING REGULATIONS: NO overnight parking is allowed on the streets of the Park, except in the guest and visitor parking area that surrounds the core area of the Park. Anyone needing to park their vehicle for more than 8 hours in that area must fill out a form in the office providing the license plate number, plus the make and model of the vehicle. Under no circumstances is any vehicle allowed in the core area for more than 24 hours unless prior approval has been obtained from the Manager. No Member may park his/her second vehicle in the guest and visitor parking areas.
  An RV cannot be occupied or used for houseguests in the visitor parking area, on the street, or on the Member’s parking space. Seasonal and short-term RV Parking is available in the Common Area Lot (a.k.a. North Forty) at a cost as set, from time to time by the Board of Directors. The member cannot park a second RV that is larger than a van, on his/her lot, unless it is the Member’s only means of transportation. The second RV cannot be larger than 20 feet long by 10 feet high and 8 feet wide. Larger units may only be parked on the park street or in the space for 48 hours solely for the purpose of loading or unloading. An RV may be parked on the park street up to 24 hours to recharge its batteries. These units may not be occupied. No vehicles may be parked on a space if they extend into the street. Members must be considerate of their neighbors and make sure that there is access for emergency vehicles when RVs are parked on the street.
  Written permission must be filed in the office, if a Member wishes to allow someone else to park on his space. 

RESIDENT, VISITORS, TENANTS AND GUESTS: If your name is NOT on the Membership Certificate for a particular space, then you are deemed a resident, visitor, tenant, or guest. The following definitions are from WW Bylaws, Article 1 DEFINITIONS: A RESIDENT refers to a person who lives with a Member and who must submit to a background check at his/he expense. A VISITOR is a person who is NOT registered in the office and who is NOT staying overnight. A Visitor must be accompanied by a Member at all times. A TENANT is a renter. A GUEST is a non-member who is staying WITH the Member on a temporary basis. Guests have the privilege of using the Park facilities and complying with the Rules of the Park. Children must be with a responsible adult and when using park facilities must be supervised by a MEMBER at all times. Members are responsible for the conduct of their guests and day visitors and for ensuring that such persons comply with the rules and regulations. Before any Visitor, Guest or Tenant can occupy a unit or space:
The Member must not be delinquent with any charges or be in default of any term of the CCA occupancy agreement.
The Member must provide Proof of Insurance YEARLY for the unit or space.
The Member must submit a completed and signed application for guests or tenants to occupy the unit or space. 
The Member must inform all occupants, prior to their arrival, of the restriction that pets are not permitted anywhere in the Park.  
Units that are to be rented must be inspected for health and safety issues and all deficiencies must be fixed before you can rent your unit.

RENTERS OF PARK-OWNED UNITS AND SPACES: Overnight or short term, tenants, without children or pets, are welcome if space is available. Spaces/Units owned by Wagons West can only be rented from October 1 to May 1; beyond that date, arrangements are to be made with the Manager.  
Rental Space is limited to motor coaches, truck campers, fifth wheels and vans that are totally self-contained. Length restrictions may be determined by lot size. Tents, pop-up campers, converted buses, homemade units or pick-up truck campers without holding tanks and water are not permitted. See the Manager for rates charged for WW spaces and unit.

TENANTS OF MEMBER-OWNED UNITS AND SPACES: Members may rent their units/spaces to guests, relatives, or those of other Members for a period of time, from October 1 to May 1, as permitted in the Bylaws, Article VI, Section 6.2 and Section 6.5 and the current procedures outlined in the office. The Member must inform the Manager if he/she intends to allow others to utilize that Member’s space. 
A registration fee of $20.00 must be paid to the office by the owner of the unit or space, to defray the processing cost for each rental period. See the Manager for rates charged for three or more people in the unit.
  No long-term rentals (more than 5 months) are allowed during the period from October 1 to May 1.
  Advertising a space for rent is prohibited unless it is approved by the Manager or it is posted on the Wagons West web site.
  The electric bill will be sent to the Member who has the responsibility of paying the bill by the due date on the invoice.
  No mail will be delivered in Park mailboxes for a tenant that has not registered at the Office.
Member’s only
There are two types of living quarters that are permitted on Wagons West spaces: Park Model trailers and fully self-contained RVs that are mobile and registered for road travel. 
  A unit may remain on a space as long as the owner of the trailer is a Member of the Association. If the membership is transferred, then any Park Model/RV on the space older than 10 years must be inspected by a licensed home inspector as to its condition. The inspection report must be furnished to the Board of Directors, or any committee designated by the Board. Depending upon the report, the Board may require that the unit be repaired or removed, within 90 days. 
  If a member wishes to purchase a “used” trailer and bring it into the park a Wagons West Change Request Form must be submitted. At this point, the “Used Trailer Review Committee” (UTRC) will follow an inspection process to determine the trailer’s suitability for placement in Wagons West. The movement of trailers within the park must also follow the same “Used Trailer Review Committee” process.  
  RVs connected to electric, sewer, and water service, may be used as year-round living quarters or parked permanently, as long as the member is living in the park. If the member leaves the park for more than 30 days, the member must arrange with the Manager and provide emergency contact information. The RV unit must be kept in road worthy condition.

GUIDELINES FOR PLACEMENT ON SITE: At the time of placing or replacing any unit on a space, the entire space and any improvements that remain on the space must be brought into compliance with all Wagons West regulations in effect at that time. 
Prior approval from the Board of Directors must be obtained before a Member purchases a Park Model, new or used, from inside the Park or from outside the Park, to verify the unit is acceptable and will fit on the site. The placement must be supervised by the Manager, for which a minimum of $25.00 is charged. The member will be billed for any damages to any real or personal property of the Association sustained during the placement process. 
Park Models must be commercially built. When the park model is installed, the roof peak cannot exceed a height of 14 feet from ground level. All units must be placed no less than 3 feet from the street front boundary, a minimum of 2 feet from the rear boundary, and a minimum of 1 foot from the side boundary of the site. No awnings or air-handling units or steps can encroach upon the street or utility easement. You may apply for a variance, which must be approved by Architectural Committee, Manager and the Board of Directors. Park Models must be permanently installed and connected to electric, sewer, and water service and must be skirted within 60 days of installation.
  The width of WW spaces is determined by measuring from center to center of the electric meter pedestals, except for the south row, which has been marked off. At the discretion of the Architecture Committee and the Board of Directors, a variance may be permitted. 
CONSTRUCTION – ADDITIONS – CHANGES: All additions and changes to a space or to any of the existing improvements on the space must be approved by the Architectural Committee, Manager, and Board President. The Member must fill out an “Application for Proposed Change or Addition” form available in the office and return it with sufficient plans and specifications to identify the type of change, modification or addition to be made. Approval of all changes or additions must be obtained prior to making alterations. The Member is responsible for ensuring that changes on the Member’s space meet regulations required by Wagons West and those of Pima County, (i.e. fire regulations, building permits, inspections, etc.). The Board may impose a moratorium on changes or additions during the summer months. Notice of all moratoriums will be posted in glass case in the Recreation Hall.
  Unit extensions are NOT allowed. The total unit may not exceed 400 square feet. Arizona Rooms are not permitted. (Currently, Wagons West has 3 units with extensions that were placed prior to 2003.) With approval, the partial enclosure of a patio area is permitted. 
  Sheds and patio walls must be constructed of aluminum, steel or other fire-retardant material. The maximum size of any shed cannot exceed 120 square feet. Only one shed per space is allowed unless the shed was in place prior to January 2005; if the space is large, enough you may apply for a variance. All sheds must be placed on the left rear corner of the space. Sheds that are less than 8 feet wide may be placed at the left rear of the property, so long as they are at least 3 feet from the unit, and not in the utility easement area. 
  Stand-alone sheds cannot be higher than 10 feet from the ground level. Exempt are sheds in place prior to October 2011.
  Awnings cannot stand higher than 12 feet from the ground. Awnings in place prior to October 2011 are exempt. You may apply for a variance.
  The space between units is considered an utility access area and is restricted. No member may install clotheslines, in ground plantings, or plantings in pots, or place personal belongings that may impede necessary access by the Association and its contractors. 
  Concrete additions to the spaces must measure a depth of 3½ to 4 inches. The concrete forms must be inspected and approved prior to concrete pouring. 

AIR CONDITIONING AND HEATING: Before installing air-handling equipment of any type, the location on the Member’s space must be approved by the Architecture Committee, Manager, and Board of Directors. A member does not need approval to replace an existing HVAC unit of any type as long as it complies with the Architectural Committee guidelines and is located in the same location. Roof installed units do not need location approval. Any expense incurred by the Member to modify the electric pedestal/sub-panel is the responsibility of the Member. The Member is responsible for installing any electrical switching or protective devices to prevent power overload conditions; such switches and protective devices must comply with all building electrical codes. The Member is responsible for obtaining the necessary permits from Pima County if the Member intends to modify the electrical service pedestal and sub-panel for that space. All work to the electric pedestal/sub-panel requires an Arizona licensed and bonded contractor who must be cleared through the office. 

SATELLITE DISHES: Only satellite dishes having a diameter of 36" or less, or broadband antennas are permitted in Wagons West. The Member should attempt to place all broadband antennas at the rear of the trailer, if possible, so long as an acceptable signal is obtained. 
SOLICITATION AND FUND RAISING: Wagons West prohibits the solicitation of funding on park property by any resident or non-resident, except as approved by the Board of Directors. The sole exception to this policy is charitable and community activities approved by the Board of Directors, its recognized committees, and sponsored programs related to Wagons West activities and services.

Definition of Stored Vehicles is defined in the Wagons West Bylaws under Section 1.17 as a car, car trailer, truck, motor home, 5th wheel trailer, travel trailer, utility trailer, motorcycle, cycle hauler, water craft hauler, or clean horse trailer. 

1.No one can store any vehicle/item in the RV Parking Area without the Park’ Manager’s approval.
2.Transfer of Membership does not include any RV parking space. If a RV Parking Space is available and requested by a new owner, the Park Manager will assign a space
3.To use the common lot for seasonal parking, the Member must be in good standing with no defaults to use RV Storage.
4.Member vehicles can be stored; either monthly or annually. Appropriate fees to apply.
5.No work vehicles, commercial vehicles or work trailers are to be allowed in the RV Parking Area, except in instances where the owner provides a service to the Association.
6.Vehicles must be properly licensed, in a condition to be driven or used on the public roadway and must be in compliance with all state laws. 
7.Annual proof of insurance and registration must be provided to the Park Manager, which will be kept on file.
8.The Park Manager will assign a parking space and provide an easily readable pass which is to be placed in/on the vehicle in a location visible from the exterior of the vehicle.
9. No more than one (1) space in the RV Parking Area will be assigned to any Member 
10. No vehicle may exceed a length of forty-five (45) feet.
11. No major repairs are allowed on any vehicle in the RV Parking Area.
12. No flammable or illegal substances can be stored in the RV Parking Area, except for the vehicle tanks and/or the propane tanks attached to vehicles.
13.No pets, animals or birds can be placed in vehicles or in the RV Parking Area at any time.
14.Trailers/5th wheels stored in the lot cannot be parked with the slide outs in the “open” position 
15.Trailers/5th wheels cannot be occupied in the RV Parking Area.
16. “For Sale” signs cannot be visibly placed on/in any vehicle in the RV Parking Area.
17. Vehicles in the RV Parking Area cannot be left “running” unattended. 
Noncompliance of the RV Parking Area Rules and Regulations is a default in the terms of the Cooperative Corporation Agreement (CCA).  
Noncompliance gives the Association the right to terminate the CCA according to its terms, CCA, Article I, F. Upon the written request of a Member and a showing of good cause, the Board of Directors may waive any provisions of these Rules. 
These regulations shall be known as the property maintenance code of Wagons West, hereinafter referred to as” this code”.

SCOPE: The provisions of this code shall apply to all existing residential and rental structures and all existing premises and constitute minimum requirements. It is the responsibility of the owners and occupants to meet the standards for premises, structures, equipment and facilities for light, ventilation, space, heating, sanitation, protection from the elements, life safety, safety from fire and other hazards, and for safe and sanitary maintenance. The provisions of this code is for the administration, enforcement and penalties for noncompliance.

INTENT: This code shall be construed to secure its expressed intent, which is to ensure public health, safety and welfare in so far as they are affected by the continued occupancy and maintenance of structures and premises. Existing structures and premises that do not comply with these provisions shall be altered and repaired to provide a minimum level of health and safety as required herein.

INSPECTIONS: The code official shall make all of the required inspections and show reports of inspections to the manager. All reports of such inspections shall be in writing and be certified by a responsible officer of such approved agency or by a responsible individual. The code official is authorized to offer such expert opinion and must report unusual technical issues that arise to the Board of Directors.

VIOLATION PENALTIES: Any person, who violates any provision of this code, or fails to comply therewith, or with any of the requirements thereof, shall be in default. 

NOTICE AND ORDERS: Such notice is in accordance with all of the following:
1. Be in writing.
2. Include a description of the real estate sufficient for identification. (i.e. unit number, street name)
3. A statement of the deficiencies, violations and the reason the notice is being issued.
4. Include a correction order allowing a reasonable time to make repairs and improvements required to bring the unit or structure into compliance with the provisions of this code.
5. It shall be unlawful for the owner of any dwelling unit or structure, who has received a noncompliance order, or upon whom a notice of violation has been served to sell, transfer, or rent such dwelling unit or structure to another, until the provisions of compliance order or notice of violation have been met compliance. The owner shall first furnish the potential owner, a true copy of any compliance order or notice of violation. The owner shall fully accept the responsibility without condition, for making the corrections or repairs required by such compliance order or notice of violation. The violation will need to be fixed by owner within 90 days or Wagon West will have it done for you and you will be billed for the work that is done.


GENERAL: When a structure or equipment is found in violation of code and found to be unsafe, or when the structure is found unfit for human occupancy, or found unlawful, such structures shall be condemned.

UNSAFE STRUCTURES: An unsafe structure is one that is found to be dangerous to the life, health, property or safety of the public and/or the occupants of the structure. By providing a minimum of safeguards to protect or warn occupants in the event of fire, or because such structure contains unsafe equipment or is damaged, decayed, dilapidated, structurally unsafe or of such faulty construction or on unstable frame, that partial or complete collapse is possible.

UNSAFE EQUIPMENT: Unsafe equipment includes any heating equipment, electrical wiring, or equipment on premises or within the structure that is in disrepair or condition that such equipment is hazardous to health, life, property, or safety of the public or occupants of these premises or structure.

STRUCTURE UNFIT FOR HUMAN OCCUPANCY: A structure is unfit for human occupancy when the code official finds that the structure is unsafe or because the structure is in disrepair or lacks maintenance, is not sanitary, and/or vermin and or rat infested, contains filth and contamination, or lacks ventilation, illumination, sanitary or heating facilities or other a central equipment not wired by this code, or because of the location of the structure constitutes a hazard to the occupants of the structure or to the public.

CONCLUSION: This policy has been adopted by the Board of Directors for the safety and well-being of everyone in the park.